Remote Monitoring & Management Help

PSA Integration Problem Reporting

Problems experienced with the ConnectWise integration are reported in both the Issues section of the Dashboard and when the problem relates to a Check, an error message appears against the ticket in the Outages tab and the Check's More Information dialog.

Issues Section

To view the reported problems with the integration:

  1. Log into the Dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings > PSA Integration > Issues.
  3. Navigate through the reported problems, view suggested resolutions.
  4. Filter issues from the top left dropdown menu, choose to display All Issues, Retrying Issues or Failed Issues.
  5. To retry an action or ignore an issue, tick the box against one or more issues then select the required action from the dialog's options bar. Retry selected or Ignore selected.
  6. Exit to close.

Outages tab and More Information section

To view Check specific problems:

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Select the Device in the north pane
  3. Outages Tab


  4. Go to Outages
  5. Click PSA Integration
  6. Errors messages are displayed in the PSA Ticket column
  7. More Information Section

  8. Go to Checks
  9. Select the target Check
  10. Click on its More Information link
  11. View the error message in the Current Outages section