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Configure Settings

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The ConnectWise Manage integration settings may be amended post-setup in the Monitoring and Management Dashboard.


1.Go to Settings
2.PSA Integration



Ticket Creation Settings

Change the Ticket Creation Settings, including the Name Format used by the tickets, whether they are auto created as well as the Alert and Check Clearing behaviour.


ConnectWise PSA Settings

Amend various aspects such as the ticket opened and closed status, other closed statuses that may be required the company status and type. The Time entry work type references of Regular, Overtime, Travel as well as Weekends and Holidays can also be configured at this stage. This dialog also includes the option to Restrict entity mapping to selected company type which filters the number of returned results from ConnectWise in the Entity Mappings dialog preventing a timeout when attempting to access the entity data and Enable Ticket Update Callbacks.


Ticket Frequency

Changes to the 24x7, Daily Safety Check and Device Outage Ticket Priorities and Due Date Offsets can be made under Ticket Frequency.


Please note: where the string entered in the Ticket Priority section of the Dashboard does not precisely match the corresponding ConnectWise Priority description a Could not find a priority named * error message may be returned when attempting to create a ticket. Further information on this setting is available here.


Asset Tracking

To import the Asset Tracking information from the Dashboard into the configuration section for the device in ConnectWise where the MSP plugin is in place simply tick the Enable Asset Tracking box.








To speed up the integration process, information device information is cached and as it may be necessary to empty this cache we have include a Refresh Cache option.