Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Configure the proxy server settings

Where a proxy server is in place on the network it may be necessary to configure the Agent's proxy settings to ensure that it can communicate with our servers.

These settings are configured during a manual installation by clicking on the Proxy server settings link in the Agent's Login page.

In the returned Proxy Server dialog click in the Use a proxy server tick-box and enter the required proxy information. For information on the Supported Proxies please click here




Enter the IP address, not the NetBIOS name


Enter the port the connection is going through.


The username the proxy requires for authentication.

Please ensure the selected user has sufficient privileges to use the proxy.

The Username should be in the format DOMAIN\username


The password the proxy requires for authentication.



To amend the proxy settings post-installation, login to the Agent and select either:

  1. File
  2. Edit Agent Options
  3. Connection Settings

This is also covered in the Adjusting Connection Settings section.


The proxy may occasionally be unavailable, for example where the Agent is installed on a laptop which is removed from the network, and to ensure continuation of the service the Agent will attempt to go direct if it cannot reach our servers using the entered proxy information.

Please be aware that the proxy settings entered in the Agent are also used by any Network Installers (deprecated) created in that Agent.