Check Clearing Policy

Check clearing is enabled by default and managed for the 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks (DSC) in the Check Clearing settings.

  1. Log into the Dashboard as a user with Check Clearing permissions enabled
  2. Go to Settings > General Settings > Check Clearing
  3. Setup the 24x7 and DSC clearing policies as required
    • Enable or disable 24x7 and/or DSC Check Clearing
    • 24x7 and DSC: Keep check cleared until the check passes or Keep check cleared until the next time the check runs
    • 24x7: Send alert when 24x7 check goes directly from cleared to failed (note, alerts are automatically sent when a DSC goes from cleared to failed)
    • DSC: Reflect Check Clearing in Weekly and Monthly Reports (shows any acknowledged Daily Safety Checks as cleared in both Weekly and Monthly Reports)
  4. Choose whether to Allow user to select check clearing behavior when clearing checks and override the policy
  5. OK to save and apply

Check Clearing Enabled


Check Clearing Disabled


Where Check Clearing is disabled (for example to prevent accidental check clearing which can impact on problem visibility) any currently cleared Checks will revert to their failed state with this reflected in both the Dashboard and Wall Chart. This procedure does not generate an additional Alert.

The User Audit Report, available from the Reports menu records any changes to the Check clearing behavior. Filter with the Company Event