VIPRE Engine - Competitor Antivirus Removal Tool (CART) Detection Improvements from Agent 8.18 onwards

To avoid side-by-side Antivirus installations. Windows Monitoring Agent 8.18 introduced improvements in the detection of competitor's products. We combined the antivirus removal tool (CART) with the Monitoring Agent's own Antivirus detection. This detection tool runs during the Monitoring Agent's installation and discovers installed Antivirus software.

When installing Managed Antivirus. The Agent attempts to automatically remove discovered Antivirus products using CART. If this is not possible. For example, CART does not support the product or version. The software requires manual uninstallation from the computer. As indicated in the device's Dashboard Summary tab.

Where you believe the discovered Antivirus product is no longer installed, false positive. Or it is an antivirus solution Managed Antivirus can install side-by-side with. You can ignore this message and click force installation in the Summary tab to install Managed Antivirus.

Where a competitor's Antivirus product is installed. But not supported by any of the detection mechanism (so undiscovered). Managed Antivirus installs alongside it.

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