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Troubleshooting - Download Account and Devices Files

In order for the failed checks to generate tickets against the correct account and asset, it is necessary to map the Dashboard accounts and device to their CommitCRM counterparts.

To achieve this, once activated the CommitCRMServer service initiates the retrieval of all of the Site and Devices from the Dashboard for importation into CommitCRM.

This information is stored in the files GFIMAXSites_RMAGFIMAXINFOTECHID1.cmt and GFIMAXDevices_RMAGFIMAXINFOTECHID1.cmt found in<server>\Commit\Dbsys\ (for example C:\CommitCRM\DbSys).

Where CommitRMMServer fails to download the Sites and Devices details the following error message is displayed when attempting to connect to MAX Links Manager, in the Accounts section select Tools, Open MAX Links Manager from the Accounts drop-down.


Managing the external links requires the presence of the external application data file which is stored on your server and is updated automatically by CommitRMM Server.

No external application data file was found or an error has occurred while trying to use it.

Please refer to the documentation in order to learn how to initiate data retrieval from the external application.

Once the data retrieval process is complete, reopen this Window to reload the files.

Where this occurs the following steps may be taken to troubleshoot the problem:

Initialize the API Key and verify the server URL

Install the CommitRMMServer service

Ensure the files GFIMAXSites_RMAGFIMAXINFOTECHID1.cmt and GFIMAXDevices_RMAGFIMAXINFOTECHID1.cmt are available in <server>\Commit\Dbsys\ (as mentioned above).