RMM Event Log Window

CommitCRM 6.1 also includes the RMM Event Log, this reports on all events received and sent by the integration, including arriving failed checks, skipped failed checks and failed-check updates.

Using the log users can accurately follow incoming checks, see checks that were skipped (no ticket created) and review all integration activity in a single window.

RMM Event Log Window

The north pane shows all RMM events in a list format. Each line shows:

RMM Application name

Logged At (Time on the event)

Event Description.

Event Type

Double clicking each entry opens a detailed window:

Status - Ticket Created, Skipped or Updated.

External Application Name - The name of the integration.

Event Description - shows the description of the event. The description varies according to the event type:

New Ticket - shows the new Ticket number.

Ticket Update - shows the Ticket number and the update (resolved or updated with a history note)

Ticket Skipped - shows message details relevant for the skip rule:

Client Name, Site Name, Device Name

Skip Rule details: Device type, Check Occurrence, Check Type, Check Name Includes, Time Threshold, Count Threshold.

Technical Details: shows the actual XML that was received by the MAX integration

For skipped rules, users can review the rule in the description together with the details in the XML transaction, to conclude why the failed-check was skipped and no ticket was created.