Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Link Account to Site

In order for failed checks from the Dashboard to open a Ticket under the correct Account, an association must be created between the Dashboard Sites to the existing Account in CommitCRM or a new CommitCRM account created for this Client and Site. Multiple Dashboard Sites can be linked to the same Account in CommitCRM, since the Sites may represent several physical or logical sites for the same client.

The association is created in the External Links Manager - MAX available from the Accounts window and go to Tools, Open MAX Links Manager from the Accounts drop-down to open the wizard.


In the Unlinked External Records tab, Select external record choose the Client and Site to link to:


Click Next to bring up the Find CommitCRM record dialog,


Choose the CommitCRM Account to be linked to the external record.

Existing Accounts

The Search option can be used to find the parallel Account, either entering keywords or Show Suggestions, based upon the Site name.

Once the Account is selected click Link to Selected Account to associate.

New Accounts

To add a new Account in CommitCRM click Add New.

After the Client and Site is linked it is available from within the Accounts section of CommitCRM:


Remove Link

The link can be removed by accessing the External Links Manager - MAX, select the company under the Linked External Records tab then select Unlink.


The wizard contains a list of available un-linked Sites from the Dashboard and is updated on an hourly basis. Where a missing file message is displayed it may indicate the initial setup was not completed and for more information please refer to Download Sites and Devices Files

Where the External Link Manager is only available in read-only mode it may be necessary to change the CommitCRM Privileges