Install the CommitRMMServer Service

After saving the settings in CMTGFIMAXLink.inito initialize the API Key and server URL it is necessary to install the CommitRMMServer Windows Service.

This can be achieved when logged onto the server under a Windows Administrator account, open the command prompt and enter the following command:

<Installation_DIR>\Commit\RMM\CommitRMMServer.exe -install

For example:

C:\CommitCRM\RMM\CommitRMMServer.exe -install

Note: The <Installation_Dir> must refer to a LOCAL server path (e.g. c:\ or D:\Software, etc.) and NOT to a shared network name/path.

After installation open the Services Console - Start / run / services.msc or Control Panel / Administration Tools /Services - right-click CommitRMMServer Service and ensure the Startup type is set to Automatic then start the CommitRMMServer Service.


If the service is not displayed, ensure the command prompt was running As Administrator and rerun the install command.