Enable Integration

When the integration is enabled on the CommitCRM server it will immediately begin sending alerts into CommitCRM and this should only be done once the accounts and assets association between the Dashboard and CommitCRM is setup.

To enable integration on CommitCRM's side:

  1. Navigate to the RMM subfolder of the CommitCRM installation directory <Installation_DIR>\Commit\RMM\ (for example C:\CommitCRM\RMM), open CMTGFIMAXLink.ini and change the ProcessGFIMAXUpdatesQueue from N to Y
  2. Once complete save changes and restart the CommitRMMServer Service from the services console - Start/run/services.msc or Control Panel/Administration Tools /Services - to apply.

For clarity these steps are outlined below:

  1.        Open <Installation_DIR>\Commit\RMM\CMTGFIMAXLink.ini (for example C:\CommitCRM\RMM\CMTGFIMAXLink.ini)
  2.        Change the value for ProcessGFIMAXUpdatesQueue to Y
  3.        Save changes
  4. Restart CommitRMMServer Service

Please note by default ProcessGFIMAXUpdatesQueue is set to N to allow for the configuration of the Dashboard and CommitCRM accounts and devices association before the generation of tickets within CommitCRM.