Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Generate the API Key

To create the Dashboard API Token used by CommitCRM for communication.

Log in to the Dashboard as a Superuser or (non-Classic) Administrator level access, a login with the required General permissions enabled or the Agent Key (where Dashboard access is enabled).

Then go to:

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings > API Key
  2. Click Generate (or Regenerate where you wish to create a new API Token)
  3. Suggestion: enter the recipient address in the optional Email API Token to section and Email Token to send an email containing both the API Token and connection URL

  4. OK to save and exit out of the dialog.

The API Token may be regenerated as often as required, with each regeneration overwriting the existing key. Please be aware that when you generate a new token then anything currently using the previous token will to authenticate against the API will stop working.

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The database server to query is dependent upon the territory your account is registered under. The current territories and respective URLs are:







France (FR)





United Kingdom

United States

Based on the above, a United Kingdom user will use the URL

If unsure of the territory your account is registered against, please check the URL you are currently logged on to the Dashboard under - as this will normally give an indication of your region - or append /dashboard to one of above URLs and attempt login to your Dashboard at the prompt. Again based on the United Kingdom this would look like: