The team at CommitCRM created an integration with the Remote Management which uses a link module to automatically open a ticket in their system where a check is reported as failed on the Dashboard.

Any changes to the status of the check on the Dashboard, for example it passes or fails again, are automatically logged as Notes in the CommitCRM Ticket History and the Ticket pushed into the Tickets Inbox, so technicians can easily see the updates.

This integration helps to ensure events are not missed and that you always provide your customers with the best service.

The CommitCRM integration includes:

 Ticket creation from failed checks.

 Link Accounts to Sites on the Dashboard or create Account from Site.

 Link Assets to Products on the Dashboard or create Asset from Product.

Getting the integration up and running

The required steps to configure the integration are covered below

Generate the API Key

Initialize the API Key and Server URL

Install the CommitRMMServer Service

Link Accounts and Assets

Link Account to Site

Link Asset to Device

CommitCRM Privileges

Enable Integration

Ticket Management

RMM Event Log Window

Skip Rules

Troubleshooting - Download Account and Devices Files

A more detailed overview of this process is available from the CommitCRM wiki.


Before progressing with the integration, in line with best practice we suggest backing up the CommitCRM database with information on how this can be achieved available from their wiki

The integration is based on a new Service running on the CommitCRM server (called CommitRMMServer Service), which accepts all checks from the Dashboard and creates the Ticket in CommitCRM.

To avoid the creation of duplicate accounts the full integration with the Dashboard on the CommitCRM side is disabled by default until explicitly activated and alerts will not be transferred until then. Once all Accounts are linked, users should enable the integration, see Enable Integration.

Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content of external sites.

This Remote Management integration was created and is maintained by CommitCRM. As such we would suggest contacting CommitCRM directly in the event of any problems either in its initial implementation or subsequent usage.