Manage Feature Policies for Client Group

Client Groups ensures users can only view or access information for those Clients included in their assigned group. This is useful both for technician (staff) users who only manage specific Clients and do not require visibility of the whole estate, and for Clients where you want them to view their own Dashboard information.

For some Clients a view-only option may be ideal, but for others in a more co-managed environment they may require access to advanced settings, for example manage the feature policies applied to their devices.

To support this scenario, the Dashboard includes the option for users to access, manage and apply the feature policies allocated to their Client Group.

Manage feature policy is enabled and configured for individual Client Groups. After setup, users accessing a policy dialog for a supported feature will see the Policies assigned to their Client Group with all other polices hidden. When a user creates a new policy, it is automatically added to the policy list for their Client Group and only shared with other users in the same group.

Users with All Clients access (technicians) can view and manage all feature policies configured on the Dashboard.

Client Group users can view any assigned policy and change its configuration. Our recommendation is to only enable this feature where the Client has their own custom policies setup. This allows the Client to manage their own policies, without affecting other Client's devices.

We do not advise allowing Clients to view or manage shared policies. As any changes made by one Client will affect all devices using that policy, not just the Client that action the change.

When a Client Group user creates a new policy it is automatically shared with the other users in that Group.

Manage feature policies supports Managed Antivirus, Patch Management, Take Control and Web Protection policies.

Configure Policy Access and Select Policies

Manage policy access via the Dashboard's Client Groups dialog available from Settings > Users > Client Groups.

  1. Scroll down the list to find the target Client Group or filter via the Search option.
  2. Tick the box against the Group Name and choose Manage policy access in the action bar at the top of the dialog. The three dot action menu on the right of the Client Group also contains the Manage policy access option.
  3. Enable the Restrict feature policies tick-box to use this feature.
  4. Click the tick box against each Policy for selection by the group.
    • Use the Search function to filter the Policy list.
    • Identify the Policy's feature through the Type column.
    • View the total number of Policies along with those in the selection beside the Search box.
  5. When satisfied with the selection click Save to apply.

Once saved, the number of policies available for a group are displayed in the Policies column in the Client Group dialog.

Edit the Policy Selection and remove Feature Policy Access

As circumstances change it may become necessary to manage the policies available to the Client group, or even remove their access to the feature policies.

Return to the Client Group dialog viaSettings > Users > Client Groups

  1. Select the Client Group and click the Manage policy access button.
  2. Change the policy selection to match the new requirements.
  3. To remove the Client Groups access to feature policies untick the Restrict feature policies box.
  4. Click Save to apply.

After disabling Restrict feature policies, users in this group will no longer be able to view or manage feature polices. However, if this setting is subsequently re-enalbed for the Client Group, its previous policy selection is retained.

Any Client Group changes only take effect during the next user session, i.e. after they have restarted their browser and logged back in to the Dashboard.

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