Delete Client Group

Requirements change over time and to remove no longer required Groups go to the Client Groups dialog.

Client Groups are setup and managed when logged on to the Dashboard using an account with Superuser level account, a login with the required Users permissions enabled or the Agent Key (where Dashboard access is enabled).

  1. Scroll down the list to find the target Client group or filter via the Search option.

  2. Tick the boxes against the Group Names and choose Delete in the action bar at the top of the dialog (single and multiple Groups). The three dot action menu on the right of the Client Group also contains the Delete option (single Group).
  3. Confirm Delete in the Delete client groups? dialog.
  4. You cannot delete the default All Clients group.

Any Client Group changes only take effect during the next user session, i.e. after they have restarted their browser and logged back in to the Dashboard.

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