Clearing Microsoft Edge Cache

The below steps cover how to open the "Clear browsing data" dialog in Edge to delete its history, cookies, cached files and other data.

  1. Launch Edge
  2. When in Edge press Ctrl + Shift + Del to open the "Clear browsing data" dialog
  3. Choose the "Time range" from the dropdown and select the data to clear
  4. After completing your selection click Clear Now or Clear Data (depending on the version of Edge)
  5. Exit out of Edge then restart for the changes to take effect

"Clear browsing data" is also accessible from the "Settings and more" ellipsis (...) in the top right corner of Edge. Choose "Privacy, search, and services" then click on Choose what to clear in the "Clear browsing data" section against "Clear browsing data now".

The "Privacy, search, and services" "Clear browsing data" section also contains the "Choose what to clear every time you close the browser" options. This allows you to select the information types Edge stores.

The Microsoft website provides further information on clearing Edge's cache.

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