Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Clear (Acknowledge) a Failed Check

Once a failure is investigated - or if this is a known issue that may take some time to resolve - you may wish to acknowledge (clear) the Check. When a Check is cleared it no longer appears on the Dashboard and Wall Chart as a failure and its status changes from a red exclamation box to an ticked orange circle to indicate its acknowledgement:check_cleared

Clearing a Check ensures that only those failing Checks which have not yet been attended to are displayed in the Dashboard and Wall Chart as failed (red exclamation box) making it easier to spot issues that require investigation.

The Check Clearing Policy controls all aspects of Check Clearing behavior and depending on its configuration either the default action is applied when acknowledging the Check, or the user can elect to: Keep check cleared until it passes, Keep check cleared until next time it runs or Keep check cleared until (the specified date and time).

Once acknowledged the Check status changes to cleared (orange tick), it no longer appears as a failure on the Dashboard and is removed from the Wall Chart on its next refresh.

Please be aware that although it is possible to clear the Check's status, the associated outage will remain open until the next time the Check passes.

Clear a Check Failure

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Select the Device in the north pane
  3. Enable the tick box against the Check(s) in the Checks pane
  4. Click Save Changes to apply
  5. If Allow user to select check clearing behavior when clearing checks is enabled in the Check Clearing Policy the user can Set check clearing behavior from the returned Clear Checks dialog
  6. Keep check cleared until it passes

    Keep check cleared until next time it runs

    Keep check cleared until (date|time)

    Keep check cleared until (date|time) only applies to the current failure. If the Check passes then subsequently fails within the entered Keep check cleared until (date|time) period it will be reported as failed on the Dashboard.

  7. If prompted enter the Technical and/or Client Facing Notes content*. When clearing multiple checks, the content will be added to the note for each cleared Check



Only a login with the required Check Clearing permissions enabled has the required privileges to clear a Check.

Check clearing is enabled by default for 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks and configured through the Check Clearing Policy.

Any currently cleared Checks appear in the Check Clearing Report, with historical clearance information available in the User Audit Report

Configure the Dashboard Notes to prompt the user to enter a note against the Checks as they are cleared.