Check Clearing

After investigating the cause of a Check failure, it may be useful to mark the Check as acknowledged (cleared) on the Dashboard so it no longer appears as failed. This option is particularly useful when the failure was caused by a component breakdown or where a supply item is running low. In either case the Check will not pass again until the problem component is ordered and replaced in the device.

To mark a check as cleared:

  1. Select the target device in the north pane
  2. Enable the tick box against the failed Check in the Checks tab of the south pane
  3. Click the Save Changes button
  4. Choose the check clearing behavior
  5. Keep check cleared until the check passes

    Keep check cleared until the next time the check runs

    Keep check cleared until (date|time)


    This setting applies to the current failure only. If the Check passes, then subsequently fails within the entered Keep check cleared until (date|time) period it will be reported as failed on the Dashboard

  6. Save to apply

The Check status changes to cleared (orange tick) no longer appearing as a failure on the Dashboard and will stay in this state based on the check clearing behavior

Check clearing applies across the check, you cannot mark specific elements of the Check as cleared. For example, the Cartridge Level Check (and all of its failing cartridges) would be cleared, you cannot mark individual cartridges as cleared.

Check Clearing Policies are managed from Settings > General Settings > Check Clearing with the 24x7 Check Clearing Policy applying to the Network Devices Checks.

nd_check_clearing nd_check_cleared