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Protection Policy Migration - VIPRE to Bitdefender Engine

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You may have created custom  VIPRE engine policies to match your protection needs. Rather than completely recreate the policy from scratch for the Bitdefender engine.  We included a Protection Policy migration tool from Dashboard 6.3.


This tool makes the transfer from the VIPRE to Bitdefender engine as seamless as possible. After selecting the VIPRE policy. The migrator maps the VIPRE policy configuration to the equivalent settings in a new Bitdefender policy.


Once the migration process is complete. The newly migrated policy is then available for selection in the Bitdefender engine. The original VIPRE policy retained in case needed in the future.


Managed Antivirus VIPRE to Bitdefender engine – Protection Policy Migration

The Migrate option automatically maps the configuration of a VIPRE policy to a new Bitdefender policy.


1.Go to Settings > Managed Antivirus > Protection Policy
2.Highlight the target VIPRE policy in the main panel
3.Click the now active Migrate button
4.Review the new Bitdefender policy configuration dialog. The policy contains the settings copied over from the source VIPRE policy (where available)
5.Apply any required tweaks or updates to the policy
6.Save to create


Bitdefender policy defaults

The migration applies the default Bitdefender policy for that device type where:


Bitdefender includes an additional  feature, for example, Behavioral Scanning
There is not a corresponding entry in the Bitdefender policy for a VIPRE option


For example, when migrating a server policy from VIPRE to Bitdefender. The migration populates any missing settings from the default Bitdefender server policy.







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