Backup Manager Overview Section

The Backup overview section provides information on the Most recent backup (date/time, Selected size, Files processed, Number of errors and Used storage) the Backup sources and an indication of Remote gateway and Remote storage status.

Whilst the Backup history section returns an indication of the backup state for each day: Successful, Completed with errors, Failed or No backups.

Hover over a day to view a brief overview of that days results (Time, Data Source, Action, Status, Selected size and Duration).

Click on any day where a backup ran to display more detailed Summary (Time, Data source, Action, Status, Selected size, Number of files, Files processed, Size of processed files, Transferred size, Number of errors, Deleted files and Duration). Detailed information on Files processed and Deleted files is available by clicking the link containing their number of files in the Summary dialog. Navigation to the previous and next days may be achieved by using the relevant buttons.


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