Backup Integrity Report

The Backup Integrity Report provides details on the Backup Check state of the monitored backup product. This report is available for all monitored backup products at the Client, not just Backup & Recovery, and contains detailed information at the device level with graphical summaries for the selection, identifying the number of Devices (workstation and server), Monitored device status (failed or passed) and Monitored.Products.

To create the Backup Integrity Report:

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Click Backup Integrity Report to open the Backup Integrity Report dialog in a new browser tab
  3. Use the filters to choose the target selection:
  4. Filters



    Specify the Backup Product or select All Products


    Select the Client from the drop-down list or choose All Clients


    Where a specific Client is selected you can then choose All Sites or a specific site


    Choose All Devices or a specific Device type Servers or Workstations

  5. Click Generate to view the Report



Use the Columns drop-down to provide a more targeted report. Select or deselect the reports columns via the appropriate tick-box. The drop-down also displays the number of columns selected against those available. To re-order data, click the column heading.




Device type: Server or Workstation


Client the device is associated with


Site the device is associated with


Name assigned to the device


Description entered for the device

Monitored Product

Backup product name

Jobs to check for

The threshold Number of backup jobs to check for in the Monitored Products Backup Check

Which Backups

Backup & Recovery: displays the data source and Backup Check schedule

Other backup products: displays the Backup Check Schedule


The current state of the Backup Check: pass or fail


Details of when the backup was last successfully completed


Two export options are available wen reviewing the report in the dashboard:

  • CSV Export: saves the report (including any hidden columns) as a CSV file in the format DATE_GENERATED-ReportName.csv
  • Print: outputs the current report view (excludes hidden columns) in a printable format (browser and computer dependent)

CSV Export: Backup Values

The CSV Exports list the backup values as Bytes.

  • For Megabytes, divide the backup value by 1048576 (or backup value/1024/1024)
  • For Gigabytes, divide the backup values by 1073741824 (or backup value/1024/1024/1024)