Steps 5, 6, 7 Ticket Settings

Step 5: 247 Ticket Settings

Step 6: DSC Ticket Settings

Step 7: Device Outage Settings

The ticket behavior for 24x7, Daily Safety Checks failures and Device outages are configured in steps 5, 6 and 7 with three common settings.

  • Ticket Priority: the priority assigned to any ticket created by the Dashboard
  • Ticket Queue: the Autotask queue any tickets generated by the Dashboard are recorded against
  • Due Date Offset: the number of days in the future to set the Due Date for any tickets created by the Dashboard.

Cleared Check Outage Action only applies to 24x7 and Daily Safety Check (DSC) Tickets.

  • Cleared Check Outage Action: select the ticket behavior when a cleared Check subsequently fails. Choose to reopen the existing PSA ticket, create a new PSA ticket for the outage or do not create a ticket.