Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Take Control / TeamViewer via Autotask LiveLinks

Where Take Control or TeamViewer* is installed on a device it is possible to connect directly from an Autotask Service Ticket or Configuration Item using Autotask’s LiveLinks.

To set this up in Autotask simply add a User Defined Field for the DeviceID then create a LiveLink for Service Tickets or Configuration Items referencing the get_take_control_connection API call and this DeviceID field.

Then in the Dashboard associate the #DEVICE_ID# value with this User Defined Field in the PSA Integration Asset Tracking section.

After the asset information has synced with Autotask a Take Control session can be initiated from the Service Ticket or Configuration Item via the LiveLink.

Please ensure the TeamViewer or Take Control Viewer, available from the Dashboard Remote Access > Download Take Control Viewer is installed on the machine providing assistance and that the Dashboard devices are mapped to their Autotask equivalents via Asset Mapping.

For TeamViewer installations it is necessary to enable TeamViewer Integration to make use of this feature. Please note that the TeamViewer Integration is only available for Windows devices.