Autotask Integration User Prerequisite

Our integration uses Autotask’s API and before setting up the integration, please ensure the Autotask login you intend for the integration has API User (system) security level permissions.

To setup an Autotask API User:

  1. Log into your Autotask console.
  2. Hover over the Autotask logo to open the main menu.
  3. Select Admin then Resources (Users).
  4. Click New to create a user.
  5. Populate the required fields in the various sections then go to Security. We suggest copying the username.
  6. In the Security & Permissions drop-down select API User (system).
  7. From the API Tracking Identifier, Integration Vendor drop-down select Solarwinds MSP - Solarwinds RMM.
  8. After configuring all required fields click Save & Close to exit or Save to apply the current settings.

You can also change an existing user’s security settings by right-clicking on the user in the main window then Edit Resource. But this is not recommended as a best practice from Autotask.

This API User requirement was introduced by Autotask in April 2020. For integrations configured before this date, you do not have to uninstall existing integration to change the user.

Create an API user as above, then in your Monitoring Dashboard go to Settings> PSA Integration> Configure PSA Login and enter the new credentials. Click Validate to ensure these are valid then OK to apply.

For further information on configuring Autotask, please refer to their documentation.