Autotask Legacy Setting

Previously for Autotask users we included the option to insert the required template directly into the Alert but with the release of Dashboard 5.9 there is now the facility to configure PSA Integration for Autotask to directly generate tickets against servers and workstations within Autotaskautomatically using their API negating the requirement for the email alerts.

Although if email generation of Autotask tickets is still required the ticket information is entered in the text version of the Alert under the email content. Highlight this and then select the AutotaskTicket from the drop-down box, Insert Code to apply. Once the ticket is inserted enter your AutotaskID and password in the relevant sections.

Once the Alerts are setup the next stage is to select the recipient's address which is configured in the Settings, Alerts, Settings section.


In Alert RoutingSettings it is possible to select the Default Settings from the Client: drop-down as well as configure the recipient addresses for individual clients where these differ from the default.

Once the Client is selected, simply enter the Office and Out of Office Hours email and recipients, multiple recipients may be entered using a comma ( , ) or semi-colon (;) as a separator*. Where a Client Alert destination is not specified the Default Settings is used for that Check.


For example with Autotask it may be