Are there any easily identifiable indicators of PSA problems outwith the outage or PSA ticket itself?

Any problems experienced with the PSA integration are reported in the Dashboard. Go to Settings > PSA Integration > Issues or visit the Device’s Summary tab. For the original integration, the number of problems are indicated in the warning icon top right of the Dashboard.. Click on the icon to displays details of the issues and any suggested resolutions.

What happens when I delete a Client or Device on the Dashboard or PSA?

Any Dashboard clients (Autotask account) or devices (Autotask products) deleted from the Dashboard raise a deleted device ticket in the PSA System. Any Autotask accounts (Dashboard clients) or products (Dashboard devices) deleted from the PSA system are still displayed on the Dashboard but are recorded as un-mapped.

Are note added against the PSA ticket available in the Dashboard Notes reports?

Only notes added via Dashboard Notes are displayed in the Notes Reports. Any notes added to the PSA Ticket are not included.

Do I have to add the clients and devices from the Dashboard into Autotask to generate tickets?

You must first map the Dashboard entities to their corresponding item in Autotask for tickets to be created against them.

I configured Asset Tracking, but cannot see the Asset information in Autotask for Virtual Machines!

The Dashboard contains an option to allow asset information from Virtual Machines. Where this option is disabled the asset scan will continue to run on Virtual Machines, but it will not upload their asset scan results to the Dashboard. Instructions on configuring this settings are included in the Windows Virtual Machines section.