Configure Login

There may be times when it is necessary to change the credentials used for the Autotask to Dashboard integration. For example, the integration was configured before April 2020 with a non-API member user that you must update to ensure systems communication, or the password for the user associated with the integration was changed.

To action any Autotask credential changes.

  1. Go to Settings > PSA Integration
  2. Click Configure Login
  3. Update the Username and/or password
  4. Click Validate to ensure these credentials are valid and match the Autotask requirements. A message displays to indicate whether
  5. For example, "Validated: Your credentials are OK" or "Error: Login to Autotask PSA failed: API User associated with "Solarwinds MSP - Solarwinds RMM" integration vendor required for Autotask integration"
  6. Click OK to set the entered username and password as the main credentials for the integration.


Updating Autotask Credentials

Password: configurable post-setup
Username: non-configurable post-setup

To change the Autotask username post-integration, you must first uninstall then setup the integration.