Configure Settings

The Autotask integration settings may be amended post-setup in the Monitoring Dashboard.

  1. Go to Settings > PSA Integration
  2. Click Configure

Ticket Creation Settings

Change the settings used when creating a new ticket, including the Name Format used by the tickets, whether they are auto created as well as the Alert behavior.

Autotask PSA Settings

Amend the default account and device information, as well as manage the Enable site mapping option and synchronization options.

Concatenate device and site name

The Dashboard uses a hierarchical structure of Client, Site, and Device. Sites only support unique Device names, but multiple Devices with the same name can exist under a Client, as they are contained in separate Sites rather than in a direct Client to Device relationship.

This can potentially lead to mapping issues in Autotask where Site Mapping is disabled. As we will attempt to use a Client and Device association without the Site separator for uniqueness.

Use the Concatenate device and site name option to alleviate this issue without Site Mapping. Where enabled, the Site and Device names are joined together to create a unique entity that can then map in Autotask.


Ticket Frequency

Changes to the 24x7, Daily Safety Check and Device Outage Ticket Priorities, Queues and the Due Date Offsets can be made under Ticket Frequency.

Asset Tracking

The Asset Tracking information retrieved by the Agent may be imported into the corresponding Autotask User Defined Field from the Dashboard. Where configured the selected asset data is transferred for servers by default, with the option to also Include workstations.

From this dialog you can also choose whether to Populate Device Serial Number in Autotask for the Configuration Item, this is independent of the User Defined Fields.

Information on setting up and using Autotask User Defined Fields is available from Create Autotask User Defined Fields with Map Autotask User Defined Field to Asset Tracking Element.

API Users created in Autotask 2020 and later must have at least “Edit Unprotected Data” and “View Unprotected Data” permissions enabled, otherwise the Autotask fields are unavailable for selection. Adding User Defined Fields to the Autotask API user is covered in User Defined Fields. These permissions were enabled by default for users created in earlier versions of Autotask.



To speed up the integration process information relating to the devices is cached and in some cases it may be necessary to clear this cache and this may be achieved by selecting Refresh Cache from the Cache tab.