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Licensed Software

Software License Groups may be created to assist in the categorization of the installed software on the Asset Tracking Dashboard based on vendor and product, for example listing all versions of Microsoft Office.

The Licensed Software tab contains information on all of the software discovered on the device that matches an entry in any of the Software License Groups selected for that Client. This section returns the software's Name and Software License Group it is a member of along with the Version and installation Date/Time (where known).

The Licensed Software tab is only available for Windows and Mac devices.




osx_licensed software

For further information on the Software License Group and Licensed Software please refer to the section Software License Groups and Banned Software.

The Software License Report lists all the discovered software at the selected Client for Windows, Mac and Linux devices. In addition to the software name, this report contains the number of installed copies and includes a Licensed Software section showing a count for the discovered installed software and a count for the number of licenses held (entered).