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Software License Groups and Banned Software

As Asset Tracking retrieves software information for all devices the Agent is running on, it includes the option to indicate where the number of installed copies of a program exceeds the Client's licenses, or even set a zero count to display where undesirable software is installed (for example where unauthorized file sharing programs such as BitTorrent or Peer-To-Peer clients are discovered.)

To facilitate this, the Asset Tracking Dashboard (available from the View menu on the Monitoring and Management Dashboard) incorporates the option to organize software into licensed groups. Once created, you can assign these  software groups to Clients along with the number of licenses they hold or a zero count for banned (unauthorized) software.

Asset Tracking queries the device and reports back the installed software to the Dashboard. However, there may be instances where you do not want specific software to appear on the Dashboard or in Reports and these can be added to the Client wide software exclusion list for your Dashboard.

Create or edit Software License Group

Enter the software license count for the Client

Detecting banned software

Displaying licensed software

Software Exclusion List