Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Software Exclusion List

The Asset Scan returns all software installed on the device, but in some cases it may be preferable if particular items were not listed on the Asset Tracking Dashboard, the Assets tab of the Monitoring and Management Dashboard or associated software-based Reports or extracts.

Like Software License Groups, Software Exclusion Lists are setup via the Asset Tracking Dashboard. Once added to this list the exclusion applies to all Clients.

  1. Go to Settings > Software Exclusion List
  2. To add software to the Software Exclusion List populate the Software Catalog window
    1. Choose the first letter of the software name in the Browse by first letter: drop-down
    2. Multi-select (Shift and left-click to choose a range of software or Control and left-click for specific software) the required software items in the Software Catalog window
    3. Click the add << to include them in the Group Software List
    4. Where items were accidentally added to the Software Exclusion List or where they are simply not required, multi-select the software then click remove >> to move them back to the Software Catalog
  3. OK once complete to apply

Due to the number of entries the catalog contains, there may be a delay loading the Software Catalog after selecting Browse by first letter: