Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Exchange (Windows)

Large Mailboxes (Exchange 2007 or Later)

Script Type: PowerShell

The script queries all Mailboxes on the server failing where any have exceeded the specified threshold (MB).

For ease of investigation the Extra column contains a summary of the script result and when clicked displays additional details (name and size) of any Mailboxes matching the failure criteria.


Mailbox Size Threshold

Number of megabytes above which the Mailbox is reported

Script Timeout Range

Range: 1 - 3600 seconds (default 120 seconds)


The Agent must be installed on the server running Exchange.

The PowerShell Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Powershell.Admin snap-in is required to access the Exchange resources and retrieve the Mailbox information.

Store Control - Exchange 2003

Script Type: VBScript

Store Control - Exchange 2007 (or later)

Script Type: PowerShell

This script contains three options and can be used check whether the Mailstore is mounted (failing where it is not) as well as mount or dismount the specified MailStore.



Mount Mailstore

Dismount Mailstore

Check Mailstore is mounted

Exchange Mailstore Name

Name of the Mailstore to perform the operation against

Script Timeout Range

Range: 1 - 3600 seconds (default 120 seconds)


Exchange Store Control - Exchange 2007 (or later) requires the following Exchange Management snapins: Get-MailboxDatabase, Mount-Database and Dismount Database

General Notes

From Agent 8.14.0 PowerShell scripts run with the -ExecutionPolicy Bypass argument set to ensure execution on computers with default ExecutionPolicy settings. If problems are experienced when executing these PowerShell scripts, or when running on an Agent earlier than 8.14.0, please set the PowerShell Execution Policy to RemoteSigned or lower.

If problems are experienced when running an Exchange script, please try elevating the permissions of the Agent service from the services console (Start > Run > services.msc), for example to run it under the Administrator account.