Displaying licensed software

Once the Software License Group is setup and the number of licenses held per Client entered, the Asset Tracking Dashboard returns information in the Licensed Software section of the left menu and the Software License Check Report for Clients and Sites; and in the Licensed Software tab for individual devices.

Client and Site

Select the Client and/or Site from the menu on the left the click Licensed Software to return an overview for the selection containing the Software License Group Name and the License Count of the number of matching items.

To display a list of all of the devices running this software, click on the Software License Group Name in the north pane to open the Computer view filtered to display only those devices meeting this asset criteria. Click the back arrow above the north pane to return to the Licensed Software view.

Individual Devices

Select the device in the north pane of the Asset Tracking Dashboard and go to the Licensed Software tab to list the Name of the software along with the Software License Group it is a member of.

Software License Check Report

The Software License Check Report available from the Reports menu on the Asset Tracking Dashboard (when in the main Monitoring and Management Dashboard go to View > Asset Tracking) lists all of the software discovered across the selected Client and the software's Installed Count.

Any items that are a member of a Software License Group appear in the Licensed Software section and in addition to the Installed Count include the Licensed Count.

A warning icon is displayed against any software whose Installed Copies count exceeds the number of licenses entered in the Software License Setup section of the Monitoring and Management Dashboard's Edit Client dialog.