Custom Fields

Configurable Custom Fields are supported in the device Summary tab of the Asset Tracking Dashboard. Define the field names then manually populate them with information relevant to that device or Client, for example asset and warranty number, purchase date etc.

Custom Fields Setup

  1. In the Asset Tracking Dashboard (View > Asset Tracking from the Monitoring and Management Dashboard)
  2. Open the Asset Tracking Settings dialog
    1. Go to Settings > Asset Tracking Settings
    2. Select the Custom Fields tab


    1. Select a device in the north pane and go to the south Summary tab
    2. Click Define your own custom fields here...

  3. Enter up to ten Custom Field these are listed in the order they are displayed in the Summary tab, lowest to highest, enter the required name in the field(s)
  4. OK to save

Custom Fields are an account wide setting and regardless of the method used to access the dialog.

Populate Custom Fields in the Summary Tab

Once added the Custom Fields appear in the Asset Tracking Summary tab for each device, to populate a field:

  1. Enter the required information
  2. Click Save Changes to apply

Custom Fields are non-mandatory and may be left blank where no applicable data for the device is available.

Custom Field information is not retained where the Device is deleted from the Dashboard. If an Agent is reinstalled on the Device, the Custom Field information must be re-entered.