Asset Tracking Only Template

Clients may have mixed requirements and environments, including devices that will be switched off for long periods and that you do not need to fully manage. Rather than delete the agent and remove the device, it is often easier and better to move these devices into Asset Tracking Only mode. This way they stay in your Dashboard inventory, and you can easily reinstate monitoring and features at any time.

To simplify this process for existing device you can choose to select an Asset Tracking Only template when applying a new template




Requirements for Asset Tracking Only

The following features and settings must be turned off or correctly configured to class the device as Asset Tracking Only and not fully managed.

  • No monitoring checks – all monitoring checks must be removed
  • No automated tasks – all automated tasks must be removed
  • The 24x7 check frequency must be set as follows:
    • 30 minutes or slower for servers
    • 60 minutes or slower for workstations
  • Patch Management must be uninstalled
  • Take Control must be uninstalled
  • Remote Background Management must be uninstalled

Refer to Asset Tracking Only Requirements for further information.

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