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Asset Tracking Only Installation

Your clients may have mixed environments including devices you do not want to fully manage, but would still like to check their asset inventory on a regular basis to monitor any added or removed software or hardware.

In this situation we would suggest installing the Agent as Asset Tracking Only (without 24x7 Checks, Daily Safety Checks or Automated Tasks). This is achieved by using an Asset Tracking Only Monitoring Template when deploying the Agent. Set either as the default and automatically selected for new installs or applied by the user during the installation process.

Where the device inadvertently contains Checks. For example, a different template was accidentally selected, or Checks were added during the manual installation process. It is necessary to remove the Checks to achieve the Asset Tracking Only state.

You can manually select the device on the Dashboard and remove its Checks and Automated Tasks (either individually or with multi-select) or create a "checkless" Monitoring Template and apply this to one or more devices.

We would advise using a "checkless" Monitoring Template as this not only speeds up the removal process, but ensures all Checks and Automated Tasks are successfully deleted.

The following sections cover the use of Asset Tracking Only as the default installation template and how to disable all default features. The remedial steps to take when Checks or Automated Tasks were inadvertently added to an Asset Tracking only device either through a "checkless" template or by manually removing the Checks where use of a template is not feasible (offline or overdue device).

Set Asset Tracking Only as the default Installation Template

Disable Default Features

Create Server and Workstation "Checkless" Monitoring Templates

Apply the "Checkless" Monitoring Template from the Dashboard

Manually Remove All Checks and Tasks from a Device on the Dashboard

Feature Associated Checks

During the installation process, some of our features may install their own dedicated Checks to monitor the feature's status. For example, Managed Antivirus Check and Antivirus Update Check - Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender). These feature associated Checks are only added or removed when the feature is enabled or disabled.