Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Alert Routing Settings: Check - Server

Configure notifications at the individual Check level for Servers. For example, setup dedicated notification routes for critical server Check failures to alert the fast-response team to the failure.

  1. Highlight the target server in the north pane of the Dashboard
  2. Go to the Checks tab
  3. Right-click on the Check (or from the Check drop-down)
  4. Edit Check
  5. Click Alert Settings
  6. Alert Routing
    1. Use Parent [inherit policy settings]
    2. On [use custom settings]
    3. Enter the recipient's Email address and/or SMS number for the Office Hours and Out of Office Hours

      Use a comma "," to separate multiple email or SMS entries.

      Send Check IDs in the Email Headers (optional)

      Please note where a recipient field is not specified the setting for this Alert is inherited from the parent.

  7. OK to apply