Apply Monitoring Template Dialog

Select the type of devices to update (Client or Site level selection)

Choose the device type from Servers or Workstations

Add checks and tasks with a monitoring template or use the check detection scan

Run the check detection scan to automatically add applicable checks

Performs the default Check discovery scan. This automatically adds Checks for supported products where detected (for example, supported backup and antivirus software) as well as the standard Checks for the device type.

Select monitoring templates

Move the required templates between the Available Templates to Selected Templates windows. Up to ten Monitoring Template may be moved from the available to selected window.

Select update behavior

Add the new checks and tasks to the existing checks and tasks

Retain the existing Checks and Automated Tasks and only add any new Checks or Automated Tasks from the Selected Templates

Replace existing checks and tasks with those in the template in the event of duplicates

This option determines how Checks or Automated Tasks that are already running on the Agent should be handled in the event of duplicates in the Selected Templates.

Naming convention and Duplicate Automated Tasks

To identify existing Automated Tasks, the Descriptive Name entered in the Monitoring Template must precisely match the name of the Automated Task already assigned to the Device.

If the Descriptive Name does not match that already in use on the Device, i.e. it uses a different name or is left blank, a new Automated Task will be added to the Device.

Existing Task Name

Monitoring Template Task Name


Reboot 300

Reboot 300

Match, identified as duplicate. Selected action taken

Reboot 300


No match, new Task added

Reboot 300


No match, new Task added

Reboot 300

No match, new Task added

Replace the existing checks and tasks

Replaces all of the existing Checks and Automated Tasks with those from the Selected Templates.

Feature Associated Checks

Depending on the feature, one or more monitoring Checks may be automatically added to a device to monitor its status. As these Checks are associated with the feature they are excluded from Monitoring Template changes.

mt_mon_temp mt_mon_apply


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