Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Apply a custom filter on the Dashboard

Where a custom filter is marked as a favorite or Run in Dashboard it is accessible from the Device filter drop-down above the north panel in the Dashboard.

Once selected, this filter is applied regardless of the computer views you navigate through: Servers, Workstations or Mixed (all Servers and Workstations the filter applies to).

The below examples list the custom filters, with those marked as favourites appearing in the Device drop down then applied to a Mixed server and workstation view.

fm_filter_options fm_dashboard_drop

You can also open the Filter Manager from the Device drop-down

Download a CSV of the custom filtered north pane

Dashboard 2018.06.26 introduced the option to export the north pane device details to CSV when viewing a custom or "Last Response Over 30 Days" filter. The download option is grayed out for all other default system device views.

  1. Select the custom view from the Device filter drop-down above the north pane in the Dashboard
  2. Once the view has loaded, click the download button to the right of the Device filter drop-down
  3. This initiates a download of a CSV file containing the filtered devices and their column details (regardless of the columns selected in the Dashboard)

Column Sorting

Where the custom filter results span more than one page, the sorting options are not available for the columns: Device Status, Notes, Reboot Required, All Features, Check