Remote Monitoring & Management Help

User Management



Add User

When clicking on the Add User action - from an organization, user node or the Actions drop-down in the central information bar - you are presented with the Create a new User dialog which adds a child user under the selected node.

From the drop-down select the Domain (where applicable) and Organization the user is to be associated with.

Populate the required Username, Password, Firstname, Lastname information.

For Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 decide on whether the user should have Admin privileges and if they have to Change Password at Next Login.

Once complete, click Create User to apply.

Single Domain

Multiple Domain



Edit User

When clicking on the Edit User action you are presented with the Edit User dialog which allows you to edit the user properties. Amend as requires and Update to apply. A list of the available fields can be found for each of the dialogs in the relevant section: Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365

An example of the Edit User dialog from Office 365



Move User

Although not available as an Additional Action, users can be moved between Organizations (and Domains in Office 365) by dragging the User node to the required Organization (or Domain) node. Please be aware that assigning a User to a different domain in Microsoft Office 365 simply moves their mailbox, therefore the user will no longer receive mail at the previous domain address.


Delete User

If you wish to remove a user select Delete User and click OK in the returned dialog to complete.

Please note once deletion is confirmed this action cannot be undone or the user retrieved.