Usage Costs



Current usage Cost per month contains information on the Total Cost for the selected cloud service.

This is represented by both a pie chart whose segments illustrate the usage percentage associated with each user type: Active, Suspended or Unused as well as a table displaying their monitory value.

For both components the following coding is used:




When clicking on a user type in either the pie chart or its monetary value, a table is displayed listing a more detailed breakdown per user type.

The cloud service name along with its Total Cost and for each user type their monetary Cost, number of Licences and percentage usage.


Please note, the monthly Cost per User used for this calculation is entered when initially setting up the service and may be amended post-integration through the Edit Service dialog in the Services drop-down.

The following display and management options are available for this section.





Click to refresh the data in the selected tab



The notification alert button provides a visual indicator of the number of issues currently affecting the service requiring your attention and is based on the current highest severity level.

Click the alert button to display information on all of the unresolved problems of this severity type and select the issue link to open the Notifications tab focused on these specific messages.

Once finished in the notification alert dialog select X to close.

Please note that the notification alert reflects the current highest level of severity. For example if the notification alert displays one critical issue, after resolving this issue any warning level messages are then displayed.