Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Edit Service

Changes to the cloud services credentials or monthly cost per user details for Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps can be updated in the Dashboard by navigating to the Services tab and in the Service drop-down (or right-click on the Client) choose Edit Service(s).


Update the details in the Edit Account Settings dialog - for example change the Admin Account Username, Password or in the case of Google Apps the Domain then click Update to apply.

Microsoft Office 365 Edit Account Settings*

Google Apps Edit Account Settings



* Microsoft Office 365: Please be aware that changing the password where multi-domains are setup may prevent the integration from retrieving the Office 365 data. As such where the password is to be changed we would suggest uninstalling then reinstalling the Microsoft Office 365 integration.

The User Audit Report - available from the Reports menu on the Dashboard - records when a service is added, edited or deleted under the Service for Client filter.