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App Control

App Control has been designed from the ground up to simplify management of your ClientÂ’s services including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, all directly from the Dashboard.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps

You have been using Active Directory Users and Computers and the Exchange Management Console for years. But the Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps admin consoles can be difficult to use, especially when you have to manage multiple clients.

It's now much easier to perform all of the same user and group management tasks through your Dashboard, eliminating the need to login to multiple consoles or use complicated scripts or APIs!

With App Control you can:

  • Create, update or remove users.
  • Manage security groups, distribution lists, organizations and teams.
  • Report on mailbox sizes.
  • Help clients understand their cloud service costs and project future data usage
  • Help clients reduce waste on unused licenses

Important Update for Google Apps User

App Control 1.39 (released 20150305) supports changes made by Google governing API access to Google Apps at an administrative level and with this one-time Request for Permissions configuration at the per client level superseding the previous Enable API access in the Google Admin Console.

For new Google App integrations this step is included as part of the setup procedure and where Google Apps was integrated before App Control 1.39 it is necessary to revisit the Client in the Services tab to authorize this access. Detailed information is available in the section: Configure one-time administrative access to Google Apps

Dashboard user access to, and usage of this feature is dependent upon the permissions associated with their role.