Remote Monitoring & Management Help




This section contains an audit log of all actions recorded in any cloud service under management. Select the time period to show the results for via the Currently Viewing drop-down the last 7 days, the last 14 days or the last 30 days and use the search function to look for specific information.





Date of action


Time of action

Event Type

Information on the action; i.e. Create User


Details of the action: i.e. Created Office 365 UserÂ…


The result of the action, i.e. success, failure, new

IP Address

The IP address of the user performing the action


Username of the cloud service user associated with the integration

The following display and management options are available for this section.





Download the table as a CSV file



Open or close the Search box by clicking upon the magnifying glass.

Enter the search criteria and press return to dynamically display all matching results.

Clear the search box by clicking the red X



Click to refresh the data in the selected tab



The notification alert button provides a visual indicator of the number of issues currently affecting the service requiring your attention and is based on the current highest severity level.

Click the alert button to display information on all of the unresolved problems of this severity type and select the issue link to open the Notifications tab focused on these specific messages.

Once finished in the notification alert dialog select X to close.

Please note that the notification alert reflects the current highest level of severity. For example if the notification alert displays one critical issue, after resolving this issue any warning level messages are then displayed.



The following is an example of the types of action logged under Activity when performed against a user, organization or team:


Create user: Created user {0} on {Service Name Here}

Update user: Updated user {0} on {Service Name Here}

Username Changes: User {0} has been renamed to {1} - DataModel_User_UserName_Changed_Event

IsAdmin Property Changes: Admin privileges have been granted/revoked for {0}

Password Property Changes: Password has been changed for {0}

Suspended Property Changes: User {0} has been activated/suspended

User Moves Organizations: User {0} has been moved to {1}

Contact Details (phone, address, title, etc.): Contact information for {0} has been changed

Delegates Change: Delegate {0} has been added/removed for user {1}

Delete user: Deleted user {0} from {Service Name Here}


Create organization: Created organization {0} on {Service Name Here}

Update organization: Updated organization {0} on {Service Name Here}

Delete organization: Deleted organization {0} on {Service Name Here}


Created Domain: Created Domain {Service Name Here}: Created {Service Name Here} Domain {0}

Updated Domain: Updated Domain {Service Name Here}: Updated {Service Name Here} Domain {0}

Deleted Domain: Deleted Domain {Service Name Here}: Deleted Domain {Service Name Here}: Domain {0}


Create team: Created team {0} for {Service Name Here}

Update team: Updated team {0} on {Service Name Here}

SendOnBehalf Changes: Send on behalf privileges for team {0} have been granted/revoked for {1}

ManagedBy Changes: Management privileges for team {0} have been granted/revoked for {1}

Delete team: Deleted team {0} from {Service Name Here}

Add team member: Added team member {0} to team {1} on {Service Name Here}

Delete team member: Deleted team member {0} from team {1} {Service Name Here}

Active Directory Sync

Active Directory Sync: Active Directory Sync: Active Directory Sync to {Service Name Here} success

Active Directory Sync: Active Directory Sync: Active Directory Sync to {Service Name Here} failure

Synchronizing [email address/user account] for [domain name] resulted in failure.

Email Forwarding

CreateEmailForwarding: Email address {0} is now forwarding email to {1} on {Service Name Here}

UpdateEmailForwarding: Email address {0} is now forwarding email to {1} on {Service Name Here}

DeleteEmailForwarding: Deleted Email Forwarding for {0} on {Service Name Here}


CreateCredential: Added a new Service Credential for {Service Name Here}

UpdateCredential: Updated Service Credential for {Service Name Here}

DeleteCredential: Deleted Service Credential for {Service Name Here}