Directly import API information into a Spreadsheet

Depending on the program used, it may be possible to query the Data Extraction API URL and import the data directly into your spreadsheet software for analysis and manipulation.


The following example covers the basic steps involved in importing data from an API URL into Microsoft Excel 2010.

Please note, in line with best practice we would suggest verifying the API URL is valid and returns the expected data before attempting to import the data.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel and select the Data tab
  2. Choose From Web in the Get External Data section
  3. api_excel_get_data

  4. Enter the API URL in the Address field of the New Web Query dialog and click Go
  5. The contents of the URL are displayed in the dialog’s window and if everything is in order click Import.
  6. This initiates the download of the data into Microsoft Excel (depending upon its configuration you may be required to accept an XML scheme informational message).
  7. In the Import Data dialog decide on the location Where you want to put the data? to complete the process.
  8. You can now manipulate and analyze the data as required from within Microsoft Excel, for example with Pivot Tables.

api_excel_new_query api_excel_import_data