Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Alternative Agent Password

Prior to Agent 9.8.3, you could only access the Agent using the password of the user the Agent was initializing installed under. As the user may not necessarily wish to give this information to all members of the team, we included the option to enter an alternative password. This password is stored locally and only applies to this specific Agent installation.

In addition to the initial setup credentials or alternative password, from Agent 9.8.3, Dashboard users with Agent permissions enabled can login to the Agent with their Dashboard username and password. The only requirement is that the Agent can communicate with the Dashboard to verify the entered Dashboard credentials.

  1. Logon to the device
  2. Open the Agent (search for Advanced Monitoring Agent or go to Start/All Programs/Advanced Monitoring Agent)
  3. Enter the password
  4. OK to login
  5. Go to Edit Agent Options
  6. General Settings
  7. Populate the Alternative Password field
  8. OK to save then exit out of the Agent.