Alerts: Getting the best from...

Notifications are one of the fundamental functions of any monitoring system, alerting the recipients when a problem is detected (Outage Alerts: Check fails or device fails to report in) and sending a notification where the issue is subsequently resolved (Recovery Alert: Check passes or device reports in).

The following section covers the various alerting options available from the Dashboard; including how to enable alerting for a device or check, routing the notification to the desired recipient, the configuration of the Alert Mail Templates and tips on reducing the generation of unnecessary Alerts.

How to configure email and SMS Alert routing

Setup the Office Hours

Server - Alert Configuration

Workstation - Alert Configuration

Global Email or SMS Alert Setting

Allow mail server IP Addresses

Setup the Mail Templates

SPF Records

Helpdesk Integration

Mail Template Substitution Strings

Agent Problem Alert

Cut unnecessary Alerts

Although not included within the Cut unnecessary Alerts section, the following sections also deal with Alert suppression:

Configure Antivirus Alert Suppression

Configure Server Performance Monitoring and Bandwidth Monitoring Alert Suppression