You can opt to generate an email and/or SMS notification when a check fails and subsequently recovers, and when the device loses connectivity then re-connects.

These settings are applied globally for all new added and existing Checks that use the default policy, as well as configured at the individual device level.



Email Outage - Check Failure

Email Recovery - Check Passed

SMS Outage - Check Failure

SMS Recovery - Check Passed

Global Setting

  1. Log in to the Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Alerts > Network Device Alert Policy
  4. Enable or disable the Alert type box against the appropriate checks or Connectivity setting
  5. Next to proceed
  6. Confirm Updates to save and apply

Check Settings on specific Device

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Go to the Network Devices tab
  3. Select the device in the north pane
  4. Click right-sided Alert Columns button above the south pane
  5. Choose the Alert types to display
  6. Enable or disable the Check(s) alert type to match your requirements
  7. Save Changes to apply

Individually setting the Check's alerting behavior excludes it from any subsequent global alerting changes.

For information on Alert recipient configuration, please visit Alert Routing