Test all checks and Start monitoring this device

After configuring the 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks the next step is to run the checks and view the results, then select the Windows logon account the Agent runs as, if not using the Local System Account.

Double Check

In the Double Check section click Test all checks. This runs all Checks on the device and can be used to quickly identify any failures, allowing you to investigate or reconfigure the Checks before the Agent begins reporting back to the Dashboard.

  1. Use the Back button to return to the failing Check type (24x7 or Daily Safety Check)
  2. Click Configure Checks
  3. Select the Check from the tab
  4. Reconfigure the Check
  5. Once complete click Next to progress through the wizard to return to the Double Check section
  6. Click Test all checks to determine whether the problem was alleviated


Click Next once satisfied to proceed.

Start monitoring this device

The Start monitoring this device section displays the Agent's Summary Details. These include the Device, Client and Site names along with the number of configured 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks.

Click Start Monitoring Now then select the Windows logon account the Agent will run under.

Agent Service Login

By default the Agent runs under the Local System Account, although any valid system account can be used.

Select the account the Agent is to run under from the Username dropdown.

Where using a username other than the Local System Account, enter the Password associated with the Username. The Agent then verifies these credentials to ensure they are valid.

In some instances it may be necessary to run the Agent using an account with enhanced privileges and this can be achieved post-installation by changing the Log on account for the Advanced Monitoring Agent service in the Windows Services Console.


Congratulations, this device is now being monitored

This completes the Agent installation. Selecting Finish in the congratulation screen to close the wizard and open the Agent console.