Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Adjusting Connection Settings

The Agent communication and connection settings are configured as part of the installation process. Once setup, these settings may be amended from within the Agent itself. For example change the retry policy or update the Proxy server settings.

  1. Logon to the device
  2. Open the Agent (search for Advanced Monitoring Agent or go to Start/All Programs/Advanced Monitoring Agent)
  3. Enter the password
  4. OK to login
  5. Go to Edit Agent Options
  6. Connection Settings
  7. Configure settings as required
  8. OK to save and apply

Connection Settings

Connection Retry Settings

This setting is used to cut the number of Data Not Received messages. From this panel of the Advanced Monitoring Agent, you can vary the number of retries as well as the retry interval.  Increasing the interval and number of retries may alleviate Data Not Received problems.  The Number of retries may be increased to 5 and the Retry interval to 30 seconds.  The default settings are 3 retries every 10 seconds.

Proxy Server

Communication with our database servers is required to not only upload Check and other data, but also ensure that commands actioned from the Dashboard reach the Agent (for example, instruct the Agent to run a Managed Antivirus Scan, re-upload Web Protection data, updated edited Check settings etc.). Where a proxy server is in use on the network, it's details may be entered in the Agent to ensure that it can reach our servers through the proxy and allow the continuation of the service.

The following information can be entered in the Proxy Server section of the Agent:




Enter the IP address, not the NetBIOS name


Enter the port the connection is going through.


The username the proxy requires for authentication.

Please ensure the selected user has sufficient privileges to use the proxy.

The Username should be in the format DOMAIN\username


The password the proxy requires for authentication.

Information on proxies handled by the Agent is available in the Supported Proxies section.

As the proxy server may occasionally be unavailable (particularly where the Agent is installed on a laptop that is removed from the network) the Agent will attempt to connect directly to our servers where communication fails using the entered proxy information.

Please note that the entered proxy settings are applied to any Agent deployments using a Network Installer (deprecated) created in this Agent.

Test Connection

This allows you to quickly check there are no problems with the data transfer to our database servers.