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24x7 Checks

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This section provides information on the available 24x7 Checks with the Checks either managed locally in the Windows Monitoring Agent itself or from the Dashboard.


24x7 Checks



Bandwidth Monitoring Check



Disk Space Check



Event Log Check



File Size Check



Performance Monitoring Check



PING Check



Script Check



SNMP Check



TCP Service Check



Web Page Check



Windows Service Check





Local Agent

Logon to the machine and go to the 24x7 Checks section in the Agent console:


2.All Programs
3.Advanced Monitoring Agent
4.Select Settings
5.Go to the 24x7 Checks section
6.Configure Checks
Navigate to the required Check
7.Choose an action: Add, Edit or Delete
8.OK out of the Agent once complete to save changes.


When setting up the Check, Test Check may be used to run the selected check and return the results locally.


Please note that due to the Check processing improvements incorporated from Windows Monitoring Agent v10; Test Check uses the legacy processor to verify the Check settings, but when scheduled the Checks will run and upload using the improved check processor.



To setup a Check from the Dashboard:


1.Select the target device in the north pane
2.Go to the Checks tab
3.Click Add Check
4.Add 24x7 Check
5.Choose the desired check from the drop-down
6.Configure as required
7.OK to save and apply


For management:


1.Select the target device in the north pane
2.Go to the Checks tab
3.Right-click on the Check, or from the Checks drop-down
4.Choose an action: Edit or Delete
5.OK to save and apply



Where Add or Edit was selected the new Check configuration will be downloaded to the Agent the next time it reports in and the Check will run after this.


If Delete was selected you are prompted to enter the password of the user they have logged into the DashBoard under to confirm deletion.


The Delete option supports multi-select, use Shift and left-click to choose a range of Checks or Control and left-click for specific Checks.


Link Check to On-Check Failure Automated Task We have included the ability to run an Automated Task when a Check fails to, for example automatically dealing with cause of the failure, and with Dashboard 6.21 we have simplified its configuration process by incorporating the option to assign an On-Check Failure Automated Task when adding or editing a Check in the Checks tab for the Dashboard. Further information on this process is available in the section: Link Check to On-Check Failure Automated Task


As it is not possible to Test Check when configuring the Check from the Dashboard, care must be taken when entering these details to ensure an invalid result is not returned; however with the improvements from Windows Monitoring Agent 10, any changes to the Check actioned from the Dashboard are applied immediately with the Check automatically re-run when the settings are received. This ensures that the users can almost instantaneously see the effects of any Check addition or modification.



Sets the Device's 24x7 monitoring Check cycle.


From Windows Monitoring Agent 10 the 24x7 Checks can be configured to run every five, fifteen, thirty, sixty or one hundred and twenty minutes for servers and workstations.

In previous versions of the Windows Monitoring Agent the 24x7 Checks run every five or fifteen minutes for Servers, thirty or sixty minutes for Workstations.


Windows Monitoring Agent 10: When selecting five or fifteen-minute monitoring for a Workstation, the Agent will synchronise with the Dashboard every thirty minutes to upload results, retrieve Automated Task and feature deployment settings etc.


If using the five or fifteen minute frequencies, a comparison with its previous result is made every time a Check runs. Where a change is detected this is immediately reported back to the Dashboard (please note that only the results are uploaded and this does not trigger a full synchronisation). If no change is detected, the Check results are uploaded during the next synchronisation upload cycle.


Date/Time Column

Please note, the Windows Monitoring Agent from version 10 runs and uploads Checks in batches, as such the timestamp reported in the Date/Time column of the Dashboard may differ between Checks running at the same frequency.



Agent Check Management

Dashboard Check Management